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How to Create Better Leads with Interactive Content - Part 4 in our ion “Better” Series

Is your content helping you build rich lead profiles that include content consumption, buyer business challenges, and readiness?

On June 27th we introduced Creating Better Leads, the next session in our 6-part “Better” series that focuses on making you—and your content—better. 

Account Executive Benjamin Pitman and Vice President of Global Demand Gen Missi Carmen gave a Sales and Marketing perspective on what makes truly great leads—and how you can use interactive content to inform better conversations.

In the live session, we discussed:

  • 4 ways to generate leads with an online calculator
  • 3 ways to measure content consumption & engagement for your online calculator
  • 4 ideas for testing higher conversion rates on your online calculator
  • 3 tips to surface prospect insights to your sales team using interactive content

Just getting started with interactive content? Catch up on our ion “Better” series, made up of 6 parts that cover:

Join us next month for Part 5: Creating Better Sales, and find the slides and presentation video below.