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The ion "Better" Webinar Series: Part 3 - Engagement

Our recent study with Demand Metric found that 41% of participants reported their content doesn’t create enough opportunities for interaction or engagement. How can we solve this problem?

On May 30th we launched Part 3: Creating Better Engagement, the next session in our 6-part “Better” series that focuses on making you—and your content—better.

In our live 20-min session with Q&A, we discussed:

  • Exactly what engagement means to us, you, and your audience
  • 3 benefits of using interactivity to create engagement
  • 3 tips you need to know when using engagement within your content
  • And finally, engagement measurement: the who, what, and how

Eric Catania and Brittany Kerr led the discussion, providing a sales and customer success perspective on creating the best interactive pieces for engagement, tips for testing audience engagement, and examples of customer success.

We hope you’re enjoying the “Better” series, which examines the importance of each stage of the interactive content funnel as it relates to better content, better sales, and better campaign success.

The ion “Better” series is made up of 6 parts that cover:

Join us next month for Part 4: Creating Better Leads, and find the slides and presentation video below.