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The ion "Better" Webinar Series: Part 2 - Content

On April 25th we introduced Part 2: Creating Better Content, the next session in our 6-part “Better” series that focuses on making you—and your interactive content—better. 

Breaking the interactive content funnel into six crucial stages from awareness to revenue, the “Better” series examines the importance of each stage as it relates to better content, better sales, and better campaign success. 

The ion “Better” series 6-parts include:

  • Part 1- March: Creating Better Awareness
  • Part 2 - April: Creating Better Content
  • Part 3 - May: Creating Better Engagement
  • Part 4 - June: Creating Better Leads
  • Part 5 - July: Creating Better Sales
  • Part 6 - August: Better + Revenue = Success

In our April 25th live 20-min session with Q&A, we covered: 

  • 3 Benefits of using interactivity to boost your content marketing efforts
  • 3 Tips on how to get the most out of your interactive content
  • 3 Examples of companies successfully using interactive content

As a follow-up to her featured presentation at ContentTECH hosted by CMI, Stephanie Mansueto tackled the power interactivity can have on your static content, educating your buyers, and personalization.

Watch the recording below.

View the slides here.