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The ion “Better” Webinar Series: Part 1 - Awareness

On March 28 we kicked off the ion “Better” Series, a 6-part how-to that focuses on making you—and your interactive content—better.

Breaking the interactive content funnel into six crucial stages from awareness to revenue, the Better Series examines the importance of each stage as it relates to better content, better sales, and better campaign success.

The ion “Better” 6 parts will be divided as follows:

Part 1 - March: Creating Better Awareness
Part 2 - April: Creating Better Content
Part 3 - May: Creating Better Engagement
Part 4 - June: Creating Better Leads
Part 5 - July: Creating Better Sales
Part 6 - August: Better + Revenue = Success

In Creating Better Awareness we discussed the benefits of using interactive content to create awareness. This 30-minute session with live Q&A focused on:

  1. The importance of switching from Passive to Interactive Content.
  2. Why you need interactive content to support Awareness.
  3. How to leverage two types of interactive content to drive Awareness.
  4. The best metrics for tracking interactive content in the Awareness stage.

Watch the recording below, and stay tuned for next month’s webinar on Creating Better Content.

View the following slides, or click to download the webinar PDF.