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How to Create Better Sales with Interactive Content - Part 5 in our ion “Better” Series

What's the secret to creating better sales?

Getting your sales and marketing representatives on the same team.

On July 25th we hosted Creating Better Sales, the next session in our 6-part “Better” series that focuses on making you—and your content—better.

Account Executive Benjamin Pitman and Senior Marketing Manager Israel Pagan Jr. talked about the benefits of aligning your sales and marketing departments—and how you can use interactive content to support your sales team's efforts, accelerate your sales cycle, and close more deals. 

In the live session, we discussed: 

  • 3 ways content allows for sales enablement
  • 3 tips for using interactivity to accelerate your sales cycle
  • How to use a solution finder for sales enablement
  • How to use an assessment for sales enablement

    Just getting started with interactive content? Catch up on our ion “Better” series, made up of 6 parts that cover:
  • Part 1- March: Creating Better Awareness
  • Part 2 - April: Creating Better Content
  • Part 3 - May: Creating Better Engagement
  • Part 4 - June: Creating Better Leads
  • Part 5 - July: Creating Better Sales
  • Part 6 - August: Creating Better Revenue

Watch the recording and view the slides below.