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Driving Revenue with Interactive Content

How can interactive content contribute to your revenue goals? 

We broadcasted live from Content Marketing World on Wednesday, September 5th to find out.

Senior Account Executive Donald Adetoye and Senior Marketing Manager Israel Pagan Jr. discussed what we believe makes up a successful interactive content funnel and how each stage of the funnel plays a crucial role in driving revenue.

Our live 20-min session with Q&A explored:

  • A leading expert's take on using content to drive revenue
  • An overview of 6 stages that make up the interactive content funnel
  • How you can better target customers in all stages of the journey with interactive content
  • 3 customer examples that showcase revenue success

Just getting started with interactive content? Catch up on our ion “Better” series, made up of 6 parts that cover:

Find the webinar recording and slides for part 6 below.