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Interactive Content for Demand Generation

Motivate and Accelerate Lead-to-Revenue Velocity

Interactive content identifies and capitalizes on buyers’ points of interest to accelerate demand.

ion interactive co-founder Anna Talerico takes you through ion’s real-world demand generation program that uses interactive content to motivate buyers and shorten their journey from prospect to customer.

  • Learn how to use interactive content to align with the buyer's journey.
  • Go beyond theory with a peek into our nurture program's real-world examples.
  • Today’s buyers are doing their research and evaluating before engaging with sales. We show you how to meet these self-guided buyers at their point of interest with your content.
  • Learn how to mix interactive and static content into a cohesive program.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 87% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective than static content at grabbing attention. Learn how to use that in your demand-gen programs.

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