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10 New Ways to Get Value from ion in 2017

Audrey Ross, Director of Customer Engagement, shares 10 fresh, new ways to get even more value from ion in 2017! 

2017 promises to be a banner year for interactive experiences. Start your year off right with the latest and greatest ways you can use the ion platform for engaging digital experiences. 

Audrey spotlights new Quick Starts you can use for everything from account-based marketing to good ol’ landing pages. She takes you through easy ways to get more value and mileage from your content through testing and embedding in external sites. And, you get new tips and tricks for tapping into ion support and resources to help you get the job done.

Top 10 Includes:

  1. Content Testing in ion
  2. Easy Quick Starts
  3. 2017 Landing Pages
  4. Creating Content “Stories”
  5. Finding the Perfect Quick Start
  6. Interactive Video!
  7. Account Based Marketing Quick Start
  8. Modern “Forms” (MadLib, Progressive)
  9. Embedding ion in Your Site
  10. In-Platform Chat Support
    BONUS: Sales Enablement!

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