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10 Types of Interactive Content for Social Engagement

Getting your fans to engage with your content is more important than ever if you want to increase your social media reach, clicks and community size. But how can you set your content apart from the other brands vying for your prospects’ attention on social media networks? 

For starters, you could become part of the only 25% of marketers using interactive content.

Interactive content—like quizzes, assessments and contests—is 120% more effective at being shared, and that Demand Metric statistic just scratches the surface of what interactive content does for a social marketing program.

ion and Sprout Social show you how to use interactive content to drive engagement and sharing. Among other things, learn:

  • Why interactive content works
  • What types of content get shared
  • How to reciprocate engagement
  • Examples and ideas to inspire you

Watch the webinar now!