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Powerful Research on Interactive Content From Content Marketing Institute

ion co-founder Anna Talerico takes you through the latest CMI research.

"The expansion of the typical website monologue into a true two-way dialogue can give you deeper insight into what consumers are trying to achieve and how you can help them. It’s the difference between watching customers as they stroll through a store and having a conversation with them."

Learn why 75% of content marketers are increasing their use of interactive content this year.

  • 81% say that interactive content is more effective at getting attention
  • Education is the #1 reason for using interactive content
  • Assessments are the most-used type of interactive content

“In short, interactivity is the heart and the future of the web (or whatever supersedes the web). Deploying interactive content today doesn’t just make good sense as a content marketing strategy—it’s also vital preparation for tomorrow.”

Get access to the webinar recording, the presentation and exclusive access to the entire CMI research white paper.