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Hacking Marketing

Marketers can learn from software developers to harness — rather than struggle against — the dynamics of a digital world.

Scott says of Hacking Marketing, “My goal was to help marketers at all levels — even those with no technical background or inclination — adapt marketing management to the wild and wonderful whirlwind of a world now dominated by software.”

“When you realize that marketers are now paddling water up to their chins in websites (software), analytics (software), social media (software), marketing automation (software), interactive content (software), mobile apps (software), and so on, it starts to seem obvious. Software has eaten the world — and marketing too.”

“To effectively harness the digital forces of software, we must not only innovate what we produce in marketing, but innovate how we produce it too.

“It’s time to rethink marketing management for a software-powered world.”

Learn how. Watch the webinar recording!