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Communicate the Buyer's Journey to Sales

Sales has access to a wealth of marketing data on their prospects…

— emails clicked, pages viewed, whitepapers downloaded. But what about more meaningful insights into solutions configured, budgets calculated, self-assessments completed, even actual content consumption & engagement?

Check out this new webinar where two of our own quota-busting sales people take you through a personal view of how they use data and insights to create an accelerated sales cycle and a positive buyer experience.

They share insights on:

  • How they use digital body language from marketing automation
  • How ion's sell-side feature provides rich buyer insights into the digital dialogue
  • What marketing can do to help sales accelerate pipeline
  • How static content and interactive content compare for sales enablement & buyer insights

Get the scoop from two of our own quota-busting sales reps for an inside view of Sell-Side in action.