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The Truth About Digital Body Language

The buyer's journey today is largely a digital one, and marketers collect a rich and detailed set of data from the many "touchpoints" marketing deploys for prospects on their journey.

This data about visits, email opens, downloads and other digital interactions comprise the "Digital Body Language" of a prospect, and from it marketing has the opportunity to provide sales with insights about prospects as they transition from marketing's nurturing to sales' care. It comes as a surprise to discover that in 40% of organizations studied, sales has no access to this Digital Body Language data, or it isn't very helpful.

Scott Brinker, president, CTO and co-founder of ion interactive gives insight from recent research on Digital Body Language, sharing his perspective and research results on the problems and pathways to better sharing and utilizing this valuable data.

Joining Scott for this session is Jerry Rackley, Demand Metric's chief analyst and research report author.