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Introducing Sell-Side: The Sales Team's View of the Interactive Buyer's Journey

Take a peek into Sell-Side

ion co-founder Justin Talerico takes you for a sneak peek demo of ion interactive’s Sell-Side Timeline. This new product capability surfaces the digital dialogue from interactive content — prices calculated, configurations saved, solutions built, self-assessments taken — to the sales team in a powerful visual view. Unlike the digital body language you have today — clicks, downloads and pages viewed — Sell-Side empowers sales with meaningful, relationship builders.

Timeline of the Buyer’s Interactive Journey

Instantly available from the lead record of your favorite CRM or marketing automation platform, ion’s Sell-Side Timeline of the interactive journey will fundamentally improve sales conversation quality and velocity.

Justin gives insight into Sell-Side:

  • Why Sell-Side?
  • Demo of Sell-Side for the sales team
  • Demo of how marketing controls Sell-Side
  • When and how it will launch
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