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The NEW Way to Target, Personalize and Profile with ion

See how to dynamically show, hide and visualize with all new tools. 

We show you how to include all of your potential content in one page — showing and hiding any or all of it based on just about any condition you can dream up. And we show you how the new page conditions simulator lets you instantly see the alternatives.

  • Maybe you want to show some form fields to prospects, but others to customers. We show you how to do that.
  • Or perhaps you want to dynamically shorten forms based on data you already have. Yep, we cover that one too.
  • Or you simply need to show some content to one segment and other content to another segment. Check! It’s in the webinar, along with a few more choice examples.

Watch the webinar and see how ion’s latest conditional content updates deliver deep capabilities to:

  • Target
  • Personalize
  • Progressively Profile

Conditional content improves engagement and conversion performance.