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Tell Us What To Build, Then Watch Us Do It

We shook things up with this product webinar and made it interactive, just like the content we love to produce. That’s right, you guys were in charge! When we started the webinar, we asked you to vote on the interactive content you wanted to see us build in real-time in the ion platform. And that’s not all — we did it two ways. We built from scratch and from the Quick Start Cloud so you could get a birds-eye view into what it’s like using a blank slate versus what it’s like to start with a Quick Start. 

Jay Ojea and Audrey Ross turned over the reigns to let you decide what we build. Then we showed you: 

  • How to create engaging interactive content both from scratch and using our Quick Start Cloud 
  • How empowered you can be to rapidly deploy interactive content without development
  • The realities in speed and agility of producing interactive content 

Watch it now!

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