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Behind the Scenes: Interactive Content

Get the real-world, behind-the-scenes insight you need to produce interactive content.

As a culture, we love to see how things are created, whether that’s a movie or a snack or a song (think VH1’s Behind The Music or Food Network’s Unwrapped). It fascinates us to see what backstage secrets go into the final product.

So have you ever wondered what it really takes to bring interactive content to life?

In our “Behind the Scenes: Interactive Content” webinar, Anna Talerico gives you a backstage look at the puzzle pieces it takes to put interactive content together right here at ion. Get a glimpse at:

  • The team behind the content and experience creation (who you need, required skills, etc)

  • Milestones & timelines

  • The project plan for each experience

  • And every step from concept to launch!

We go behind the scenes on two real interactive content launches—a “Static to Interactive” white paper and an “Interactive First” infographic—and give you insight into how you can produce interactive content of your own.

Register now to be emailed the recording and slides and get a backstage look at what it really takes to make interactive content happen.