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How-To Enable the Digital Dialogue

Using the ion platform to replace ‘form’ inputs with compelling, usable, interactive elements

This webinar is perfect for: ion customers, designers, developers & marketing technologists

Forms — the bane of many a user and many a failed online campaign. We all know that every field we add to a form, reduces our conversion rate. But we need data, so we add them anyway. Despite the fact that we bounce more people.

This webinar is about a better way of engaging with people and exchanging information. It’s about how to enable a digital dialogue using visual, friendly, approachable interactivity instead of typical form fields.

We show you how the ion platform enables field-free interactions that make interactive content a reality for hundreds of leading brands.

  • Code-less visual choices for quizzes, surveys and assessments
  • Discoverability and feedback using reveal effects
  • Tactile sliders for numeric input in calculators
  • In-line, free-form text inputs

Register for the recording and see for yourself how the most powerful tool in interactive content marketing addresses the all-important intersection of users and data.

Earlier Event: November 19
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