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The 4th Wave of Content Marketing: From Passive to Interactive

While content may be “king”, our eyes have been opened to the problem of content fatigue. The static, passive content we as marketers once so heavily relied on to pull in our audience just isn’t performing the way it used to.

It’s time to be innovative. Take that content from ordinary to extraordinary with interactivity and engagement.

Listen in as ion interactive co-founder and CTO, Scott Brinker along with Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst from Demand Metric discuss:

  • How content influences the buyer’s journey

  • The content format evolution

  • Content engagement strategies

  • Current challenges and barriers

Right now—as you read this—content is influencing your buyers. Choose to make a positive impact from the very first moment they interact with your brand. Hear Jerry and Scott’s thoughts about the Demand Metric benchmark study, “Content & The Buyer’s Journey.”