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AMA Webinar: Turning Interaction into Business Action with Marketing Apps

Join Anna Talerico and Jessica Collier for a webcast hosted by the American Marketing Association.

This one hour webcast will be full of highly relevant, inspirational and actionable ideas that will help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

Learn how to:

  • Engage your visitors with unique app-like experiences
  • Bring the richness & expectations of mobile apps to web experiences
  • Collect highly valuable segmentation & sales enablement data
  • Use wizards, conversion paths, configurators and other app-like digital experiences to drive engagement, leads & sales
  • Plus, lots of real-world examples!

In addition to the webcast, you will get our 12-page Marketing Apps Idea Book — a visual roadmap to the concepts covered in the webcast.

Get the webinar recording & slides!