Content Marketing Institute Research Reveals the Effectiveness and Momentum of Interactive Content

New Research Shows how Interactive Innovation in Content Marketing is Driving the Future of the Web


ion interactive, the leading provider of interactive content solutions, released new research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on the usage and results that content marketers are seeing from the next wave of interactive content experiences. The study, titled Deliver Peak Experiences from Interactive Content authored by CMI Senior Contributing Strategic Analyst, Tim Walters, PH.D. and CMI Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose, is based on independent primary research of content marketers randomly selected from a list of more than 20,000.

Audience engagement is often one of the primary goals of content marketing.

Walters and Rose note that the majority of content marketers (53%) are already using interactive content and that the percentage is markedly higher (65%) at the enterprise level. What’s perhaps more telling is that 75% of content marketers surveyed plan to increase their use of interactive content in 2016. A stat that isn’t surprising given that “it works: users proclaim the benefits of using interactive content.”

For marketers seeking results from their digital marketing, Walters and Rose highlight several compelling stats from their research:  

  • 81% state that interactive content is more effective at the critical engagement stage of “grabbing attention”
  • 79% agree that interactive content enhances retention of brand messaging when combined with traditional marketing tactics
  • 79% agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures

“Audience engagement is often one of the primary goals of content marketing. It is encouraging, therefore, that approximately two-thirds of our survey respondents agreed that audience engagement has increased since their organization started using interactive content.”

Walters and Rose go on to say, “However, engagement is not the leading purpose for deploying interactive content, according to the survey. By a large margin, respondents chose educating the audience as the primary purpose (75%), followed by three closely grouped purposes: engagement (59%), lead generation (58%), and creating brand awareness (57%).”

ion interactive CEO and co-founder, Justin Talerico says, “CMI’s research illustrates that marketers are getting business results when they add interactive content to their mix. That said, one of my favorite quotes from this new research is not a stat, but rather an observation made by Walters and Rose that gets to our philosophy and passion: “The web’s internet foundation was specifically built to allow communication, exchange, and interaction. And yet for years, the web was a static, one-way publishing platform. Interactive content puts the “inter-net” at the heart of the web for the first time—it is the “true identity” of the web finally coming to the fore.”

CMI’s Walters and Rose summarized their findings and said, “The expansion of the typical website monologue into a true two-way dialogue can give you deeper insight into what consumers are trying to achieve and how you can help them. It’s the difference between watching customers as they stroll through a store and having a conversation with them. The information and inputs that consumers provide when using interactive content lead to richer profiles, better lead scoring, and improved nurturing of prospects along the buyer’s journey.”

“In the “age of the customer,” and with the increasing economic might of younger, digital-savvy consumers, consumer expectations and demands will soon make interactive content an imperative. …increasing exposure to interactive content will excite an appetite among consumers that cannot be satisfied with traditional passive content alone.” 

Talerico goes on to say, “The research confirms what we’re seeing in the market, and again Walters and Rose said it best: “Quite simply, it’s not a question of whether companies should use interactive content but rather how soon they should start.” 
In support of the research, ion interactive has summarized key data points in an interactive infographic that can be found at: A complete copy of the 19-page research white paper can also be accessed from the infographic.

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