ion Announces Sell-Side Experience for Sales and Marketing

ion interactive announces sell-side experience to foster sales, marketing & buyer alignment

Seamlessly transitions from the digital dialogue of marketing to the human dialogue of sales


San Francisco, Calif. – April 14, 2015 – Today at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, ion interactive, the interactive content software company, announced the launch of its Sell-Side Experience to enable a seamless transition for prospects moving from marketing to sales during their buying journey.


One of the biggest challenges of digital transformation is sales and marketing alignment. Marketing generates a lot of data, but little of it is actionable and useful for sales. Traditionally, sales relies on inferred information from multiple tools and technologies to dig for useful points to leverage in their calls with prospects. And once personal contact is made, buyers often have to rehash information they’ve already shared earlier in the funnel, during their digital interactions.

When marketing data has been made available to sales, it’s been inferred from ‘digital body language’ — page views, clicks, email opens, downloads. While these behaviors may be interesting, they lack the contextual relevance of explicitly collected, descriptive data that comes from the digital dialogue that happens within interactive content.

Illustrating the Digital Dialogue for Sales

In an effort to make the marketing-to-sales process more relevant and effective for marketing, sales and the buyer, ion developed the Sell-Side Experience, proprietary functionality available as part of the ion interactive content platform. The Sell-Side Experience is accessed by salespeople via an interactive timeline of a specific buyer’s digital dialogue. This sales-specific functionality visually illustrates all explicit actions the buyer has taken across their interactive content journey.


Sell-Side Experiences may contextually illustrate the values calculated in a pricing configurator; self-assessment questions, answers and ratings; choices and scores in quizzes, survey or polls; product or solution configuration preferences from solution builders and so on. Whatever has been learned about the buyer is surfaced interactively and in context for sales.


Instead of guessing based on a sea of decoded digital body language, sales people can now rely on actionable, explicit data to drive their decisions and conversations. This accelerates sales velocity as it simultaneously aligns buyer and brand. Everyone is on the same page as the human conversation picks up where the digital one left off.


In addition to the digital dialogue layer of buyer data, the Sell-Side Experience can also include relevant and buyer-specific coaching for the sales person. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for sales and marketing message alignment and continuity.

Instead of fuzzy value like website visits, clicks and downloads, sales gets actionable and meaningful visualized data. The intelligence provided from Sell-Side enables smarter, faster, more relevant conversations based on the prospect’s real needs.

Surfacing the Digital Dialogue in the MarTech Ecosystem

ion’s Sell-Side is a layer that sits above marketing automation and customer relationship platforms. The MAP remains the system of record for digital body language, with ion’s Sell-Side becoming the integrated system of record for the interactive content digital dialogue. From any CRM or MAP prospect record, sales gets instant access to their prospect’s interactive content journey. The result is more intelligent conversations with fewer gaps and rehashes.

ion’s Sell-Side Experience also provides the MAP or CRM with data extracted from the digital dialogue for scoring, segmentation, personalization and targeting. This layer of exported automation data enables the MAP or CRM to more reliably — based on explicit rather than inferred data — surface best bets to sales.

With ion’s interactive content platform enabling the digital dialogue and its Sell-Side Experience surfacing that dialogue, the relationship between marketers, buyers and sales people is forever changed. The one-to-many digital conversations between marketers and buyers translate to sales teams that can pick up those conversations seamlessly, enabling the salesperson to meet the buyer at the point of interest with a personal dialogue that doesn’t miss a beat.

Accelerating the Sales Pipeline

This latest addition to ion’s interactive content software platform eliminates the archaic process of sales having to “start over” when they engage in conversations with their prospects. Instead of losing momentum at the hand-off from marketing, Sell-Side allows them to meet their buyers at the point of interest.

“Our mission with Sell-Side is to provide an innovative way to truly align sales, marketing and the buyer,” said Justin Talerico, co-founder and CEO of ion interactive. “The more cohesion that exists between the three, the better everyone’s experience is. The explicit data we’re able to provide not only enhances communication at the pass off from marketing to sales, but also better equips the sales side to have more meaningful conversations with prospects. Interactive content provides the digital dialogue. Sell-Side makes that dialogue actionable.”

The Sell-Side Experience will be generally available to ion customers in the second quarter of 2015.