Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Marketing Measurement Program

Regardless of the metrics you choose to measure, the systems you set in place, or the numbers you capture, remember that none of it happens in a void. “Context and market forces must be considered before making decisions, and the stage in the buyer’s journey impacts the comparability of all metrics,” advised Ion Interactive Co-Founder and CEO Justin Talerico (@IonInteractive). “We can’t look at a click-through rate on a nurture email and compare it to a click-through rate on a customer or lead-gen email. All three of those stages have drastically different baselines and norms in terms of variance.”

One landing page may have varying CTRs based on how the user got to it, where buyers were on their journey when they found it, whether they are connected to the brand on social channels, etc. Resist the urge to over-simplify. After you establish your primary metrics, consider some of the most common variables for each, and monitor the niches for trends.

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