Act-On Marketing Automation Joins ion interactive's growing list of integrations


Act-On's powerful B2B Marketing Automation can predict and deliver the best message, at the perfect time, through the ideal channel with machine learning. ion interactive has added Act-On to their list of integrations, making it easy for marketers to capture insights into user actions within the ion platform and house that data within the Act-On Platform. 

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ion interactive sponsors MarTech San Francisco and is listed in five customer stackies


ion interactive recently joined over 2,500 marketing and IT managers and executives in San Francisco to talk marketing technology at the MarTech Conference. And obviously, we couldn’t miss it since ion’s CTO, Scott Brinker, is Mr. @chiefmartec himself, which explains part of the reason why there’s such a passion behind ion to transform content marketing with the use of technology.

In addition to attending and sponsoring, we were proud to see that five submissions to the Stackie's included ion interactive as a must have tool. 

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ion co-founder Justin Talerico interviewed for Marketing Masters series

It’s 2017. Are you following the same content marketing best practices you rolled out in 2013?

I’d be willing to guess you aren’t. I know I’m not. As content marketing has grown up, marketing tech has improved and customers expect better, more personalized content. As a result, marketing best practices (and the prevailing wisdom about which content strategies really work) have zoomed forward.

Justin Talerico is leading the way. He has been pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing best practices for 25 years. These days his company, ion interactive, is forging a new path for interactive content, with a push away from one-off PDF projects and toward more customer-focused, agile, trackable content.

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Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive Release Definitive Interactive Content Research Study

For the second consecutive year, ion interactive, the leading interactive content platform provider, released new research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on the growth and effectiveness of interactive content marketing. The study, titled The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing was authored by CMI Chief Strategy Advisor, Robert Rose, and is based on independent primary research of content marketers randomly selected from a list of more than 20,000.

Justin Talerico, ion interactive’s CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to see once again the research data reflect the momentum we see in the market. The transition from boring, dumb content to engaging, smart content is rolling and gaining steam.”

Continue reading the press release here and the blog post about the report here.

ion Sponsors and Exhibits at ContentTECH - VIRTUAL EVENT


Hopefully, you got to attend ContentTECH—the virtual conference dedicated to content marketing technology. 

ion interactive co-founder, Anna Talerico presented Interactive Content for Demand Generation (see presentation deck here), highlighting the top trends and tips to help you innovate, engage and increase demand using interactive content. And, if we missed you at our virtual booth, those useful interactive content resources are also available here

What is interactive content and how can it help your PR efforts

As modern PR professionals, it’s impossible to avoid hearing the phrase “content is king.” Content creation is important, especially within the PR and communication industries, but with an estimated 27 million pieces of content being published each day, it seems impossible to stand out and make a lasting impression with your intended audience.

Creating interactive content can stimulate interest from users and provoke positive engagement.

What is interactive content and why it is helpful

As implied by its name, interactive content involves a participatory element for users. Interactive content is often organized into the following categories:

  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Surveys
  • Calculators
  • Contests
  • Interactive eBooks, infographs, and white papers

At its most basic level, interactive content is useful because people often learn better by active involvement. A University of Chicago-led experiment found that students who participated in the learning process scored seven percent higher on quizzes than students who learned simply by observation.

The participatory element in interactive content mimics the activity in this study. Presenting your audience with interactive content makes them involved in the process of learning about your organization and its message, which could increase the likelihood that they’ll remember key brand facts. 

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ion interactive Makes Room for Continued Content Marketing SaaS Platform Revenue Growth by Moving into New Offices in Florida and Massachusetts

ion interactive, the leading enterprise SaaS platform for interactive content marketing, positioned itself for continued growth with moves into new offices in both Florida and Massachusetts. ion’s headquarters moved from its downtown location to Boca Raton, Florida’s park of commerce tech corridor. ion’s Massachusetts office also relocated within Cambridge.

Read the official press release here and the blog from ion co-founder, Justin Talerico here

2016: A Year in Interactive Content

2016 was one of the biggest years for content marketing to date. This year, content budgets expanded: 28 percent of marketing spend went toward content marketing at the beginning of the year with that number expected to rise to 59 percent by 2017. And as content spend increases, many businesses are beginning to realize that interactive content is the best way to get a bang for their marketing buck. Let’s take a look back over some of 2016’s biggest interactive content news.

ASSESSMENT - The potential value of interactive content

ion interactive launches an assessment that walks users through a simple series of questions — potential value across function, engagement, viral, conversion, traffic, and “shelf life”. Based on these responses the tool gives a straight up answer — answering if it going to be worth creating the interactive content experience, with specific recommendations based on each answer given.