ion interactive sponsors Demand Metric Research Study: “Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey”

BOCA RATON, FL -- March 2, 2018 -- ion interactive has sponsored Demand Metric’s latest research study, “Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey,” now in its second edition with research reflective of current interactive content trends.

The 2014 benchmark study explored content types and their effect on the buyer’s journey. The 2018 benchmark study takes a closer look at how marketers are leveraging static and interactive content to influence customers during the buyer’s journey.

With this new research, Demand Metric and ion interactive sought to highlight the impact interactivity has on content effectiveness. For example, the study found of all respondents, 96% believed that content interactivity impacts buyer’s decisions. Analyzing each stage of the buyer’s journey, the study dives into the internal and external challenges marketers face, the successes that come with implementing interactive content, and the overall measurable impact of interactive content.

Demand Metric lead researcher John Follet spoke of the study’s findings, stating that, “When comparing interactive to passive content, interactive content is significantly more effective at educating buyers, helping companies differentiate themselves from their competitors, and to be shared frequently.”

“For those who weren’t utilizing interactive content, ‘technical skills’ were cited as one of the primary barriers to content marketing success. Platform solutions, like ion interactive, provide an effective way for marketers to address this challenge while improving content effectiveness without breaking the bank,” said Follet.

On February 27, 2018 Demand Metric and ion interactive hosted a live webinar addressing the content of the report. From engaging the buyer early to delivering content at the right stage, marketers will find the 2018 study's findings full of industry benchmarks and actionable insights.


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