ion Makes Responsive Design Easy for Digital Marketers

Cambridge, MASS. – September 30, 2013

Gone are the days when mobile devices were the exception within digital marketing campaigns. Now they’re the norm, their usage impacts results and marketers need to satisfy those users. Advertising and marketing success is dependent on delivering usable and satisfying experiences on all devices—smartphones, tablets and computers.

The promise of responsive design was that one page would satisfy everyone, on every device—large and small. But responsive design has also been complex, often inflexible, and time and resource intensive. Now, those barriers are gone. ion's responsive software empowers digital marketers to replace their ordinary, inflexible landing pages with compelling responsive experiences. The web-based software simplifies and streamlines the responsive design process, dramatically reducing the complexity and required resources.

“We’re excited to bring the opportunities of responsive design to our customers. We set out to make the experience of creating responsive pages enjoyable—even entertaining. With a click, our customers instantly see the page they’re creating on a smartphone or tablet—and with another click, they can spin the phone or tablet sideways. It’s highly interactive, visual and easy. And the pages they make are stunning.” said Justin Talerico, ion’s CEO.

ion's new responsive capability lets marketers and advertisers produce app-like responsive experiences that look and behave like they were custom-crafted by a team of expert designers and developers. With ion, any marketer can produce responsive content—images, forms, lightboxes, tabs, rotators, even embedded content—in minutes. All without code, developers or the IT department.

“Leveraging ion's responsive templates, I’ve been able to decrease the time it takes to build and publish a landing page by 25%, as I no longer have to build separate desktop and mobile creatives. It's much easier and faster to optimize my experiences.” said Lindsay Wood, Web Marketing Specialist at BioTek Instruments.

About ion

ion’s software replaces landing pages with app-like web, mobile and responsive experiences. Using ion’s simple drag-and-drop interface, anyone can create and test amazing, app-like experiences—no technical or design skills required. ion experiences significantly improve lead generation and customer acquisition with research showing that 73% of ion’s customers report at least doubling their digital marketing conversion rates. ion is based in Boca Raton, FL, with a second office in Cambridge, MA. Customers include Dell, Iron Mountain, DHL and hundreds of other brands and agencies.

For further information, please call (888) ion.idea (466.4332).