ion Redefines the Post-Click Experience with Creative Studio

New Generation of Digital Marketing Software Helps Brands Win the Crucial “Moment of Truth” After Prospects Make Their First Click

Cambridge, MASS. – February 19, 2013 – Brands are given one-twentieth of a second to make a good impression online, according to research featured in the book Brainfluence by Roger Dooley. ion interactive introduced today a new generation of its digital marketing software to help brands win in that visceral flash of an impression — and the experience that follows.

By empowering marketers to create and test compelling post-click experiences such as landing pages, microsites, web-based “wizards,” and mobile web apps, ion’s new creative studio in its software-as-a-service platform helps significantly improve conversion rates for lead generation and customer acquisition programs.

“Businesses are increasingly recognizing that the click-through is a critical ‘moment of truth’ in digital marketing,” said Scott Brinker, ion’s CTO. “When prospects click on search ads, display ads, email offers, or links in social media channels, they arrive with specific expectations. Unfortunately, many company websites are often too general-purpose to meet those expectations. But typical landing pages, which are sometimes used as a more targeted alternative, deliver a notoriously poor user experience. If they don’t make a great first impression, they not only fail to win the conversion, they also damage the brand.”

ion's new creative studio gives marketers a better alternative, letting them produce highly targeted post-click experiences that look and behave like they were custom-crafted by a team of expert designers and developers. But with ion’s creative studio, any marketer can produce these experiences simply by dragging and dropping web and mobile components into professionally designed frameworks that perfectly preserve a company’s brand standards.

“ion’s platform has removed the barrier for us to create highly-customized, relevant and engaging experiences that we — in marketing — control,” said Amy O. Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing for wedding services company Ever After. “Creating landing pages used to be arduous and time-consuming, allowing for little to no testing, and we were very limited in the degree of sophistication and type of interactive content we could use. With its agility and flexibility, ion’s software has provided us with 3x improvement in our marketing performance while significantly reducing our cost of conversion. With the release of the creative studio, we expect our SEO and conversion rates to continue to soar.”