ion interactive Speaks on Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment

Boca Raton, Fl – Creating sales and marketing alignment isn’t easy – but is necessary for achieving accelerated revenue growth within an organization. Gone are the days of marketing passing leads and calling their job done. The influence that marketing can have throughout the sales cycle is both beneficial and a game changer. While more and more marketers are now becoming responsible for driving revenue – and not just leads – there is a real gap in shared knowledge with sales. In a webinar hosted by ion interactive on Wednesday they addressed the major component landing page strategy can play in bridging the gap for marketing and sales alignment.

“Why Your Sales People Will Love Landing Pages” addresses a multitude of ways that marketers can become creative with their landing page strategy and drive increased conversions, while providing an abundance of lead data that is invaluable to the sales organization.  “Our customers have proven time and time again that creating relevant segmented experiences based on buyer behavior, industry, or experience drives increased conversions. What has become increasingly evident, however, is the passing of that knowledge to the sales organization is sometime a significant gap” said Sally Lowery, Director of Revenue Marketing at ion. “According to recent research on lead management, 34.9% of sales organizations polled felt their organization did a poor to very poor job of making lead data accessible.”

The need to create a seamless flow from marketing to sales exists today and if executed well creates better sales and marketing alignment as well as improved revenue performance. In the webinar, “Why Your Sales People Will Love Landing Pages”, ion addresses way to bridge the gap effortlessly. “We wanted to address the sales and marketing relationship, while showing marketers how they can create more qualified leads with experiences that will matter – and ultimately make your sales team love landing pages”, said Lowery.

Included in the webinar:

  • Creating visibility and collaboration with the sales organization.
  • Driving more qualified leads through targeted and relevant landing experiences.
  • How to give insights to sales that will drive focus and revenue.

The webinar had more than two hundred participants and yielded open dialogue on the challenges marketers feel they face today in creating sales and marketing alignment.

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