ion interactive Releases Comprehensive Landing Page Guide

A newly published “mega-doc” illustrates 50 landing page and online marketing best practices.

Boca Raton, FL (June 26, 2012) — While brands globally realize the influential impact a landing page strategy can have on their performance marketing programs – many don’t know where to begin. “Landing page optimization is an often neglected component of the marketing eco-system”, said Anna Talerico, EVP of ion interactive. “In our latest guide, we attempt to reduce the barrier for many marketers to getting their feet wet with landing page best practices that have impact and will result in increased conversions.”

The new ion guide provides actionable insights such as: 

  • The Fundamentals. From campaign-specific landing pages to brand reinforcement, ion has outlined the
    A-B-C’s of landing page best practices.
  • Love Your Visitors. Creating experiences that relate to your audience while streamlining unnecessary hurdles for your visitors drives conversions. This guide gives you ample ideas for taking your landing pages to the next level.
  • Testing Tactics. Always be testing” is a key element outlined in this comprehensive document. They’ve included multiple tactics you can begin today to drive your landing page testing strategy.

This guide includes many of the fundamentals that have helped countless ion clients double and even triple their conversion rates. 

“We are passionate about helping marketers get more, better qualified leads and higher online sales numbers.  Whether it’s by launching new features in our landing page software platform or by sharing the knowledge we’ve gained through years of testing, we’re always striving to see how we can help marketers push the boundaries and outperform their previous best,” says Anna.

Now with this new guide, every marketer—regardless of industry—can have the knowledge they need to build the best landing pages. Get all of the fifty-plus best practices here:

About ion interactive

Founded in 1998, ion interactive provides advanced landing page software that maximizes pay-per-click search, email and online advertising performance. ion’s web-based platform enables marketing departments and agencies to create, test and analyze landing pages, conversion paths and microsites all without the help of IT or developer assistance.