ion delivers MVT with the latest release of the ion platform

San Jose, CA — Today at the Conversion Conference and eMetrics marketing optimization summit, ion interactive announced a major upgrade to its landing page management and conversion optimization platform. This latest version of the company’s popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) now lets marketers optimize landing pages, microsites, and conversion paths using both A/B and multivariate testing (MVT)—effortlessly without IT.

With ion, marketers can create highly-targeted pages directly from their web browser—as easily as posting articles on a blog. Because ion's platform pages are hosted in the cloud, no code changes are required to existing web sites. Marketers can produce entire post-click marketing campaigns—in minutes or hours, not days or weeks—without involving IT or other technical staff. For instance, American Greetings used ion to more than quadruple its number of landing pages, lifting conversions by 30%, while reducing its cost-per-acquisition by 20%.

ion's platform makes it easy for marketers to A/B test multiple versions of individual pages—or even alternate multi-page paths—to determine which has the greatest impact on visitors. With the upgrade announced today, it’s now just as easy to run more advanced multivariate tests (MVT) on elements within a page. Marketers can experiment with multiple headlines, images, and calls-to-action simply by clicking on content and adding new variations. Dozens or hundreds of combinations can be quickly tested in parallel. Results are available in real-time on an intuitive performance analysis dashboard.

Delivering tightly matched landing pages to respondents who click on ads, search results, emails, or social media links—and testing different versions of those pages to find the optimal one for each audience—has been shown to significantly improve conversion rates in both e-commerce and lead generation marketing. For example, data management leader Overland Storage adopted ion for post-click marketing and improved their conversion rate by more than 500%.

“We’re focused on enabling agile marketing,” says Scott Brinker, ion’s co-founder and CTO. “The faster marketers can deploy, test, and optimize landing pages for their advertising and demand generation programs, the higher performance they can achieve with targeted campaigns, Long Tail strategies, and marketing in the moment. MVT makes this more powerful than ever.”

The ion platform was first released in 2007 and has been adopted by hundreds of companies such as Anthem/Wellpoint, DHL, InfoUSA, Juniper Networks, ServiceMaster, and Wyndham, as well as leading digital agencies such as e-Storm, Performics, and White Horse. 

About ion interactive:

Founded in 1998, ion interactive is the leading provider of advanced landing page software that maximizes PPC, email and online advertising performance. The company is privately held with offices in Florida and Massachusetts.