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ion's Mary Ward Co-Presents with Dell at Sirius Decisions Summit 2014

ion's VP of Account Services, Mary Ward and ion customer, Dell, present: From Landing Page to Marketing App: The Evolution of Digital Experiences on Wednesday May 21st from 9:50am - 10:35am. 

The use of landing pages among businesses today is changing at a rapid rate as new tools and resources become available in the market. Everything we once knew about how we could effectively utilize a landing page, especially to generate leads, is changing by the minute. Static, humdrum and homogeneous pages have been replaced by dynamic, highly interactive, aesthetically advanced, integration-ready experiences that are changing the way we all do business. In this presentation, Joseph Moke, from Dell will highlight what the company has done to revive and maximize all of the touch points their customers, partners and prospects come into contact with on their pages. He will discuss how basic experimentation has seen the evolution of changing the landing page experience all the way into the newest marketing apps.