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Scott Brinker to present and ion to exhibit at Marketo Summit 2014

There are two kinds of companies in the digital world: the quick and the dead. Marketing software such as Marketo empowers you with the technology to act and react swiftly to new opportunities. But to take advantage of that power, marketing needs to adapt how it manages its activities to thrive at this new clockspeed. Agile marketing is the ideal management methodology for this environment. Brinker's session, "Agile Marketing: Managing Marketing in High Gear" on April 8th at 3:30pm will give you a solid introduction to the process of agile marketing, examples of how other companies have adopted it, and steps for getting started. If you're already familiar with agile marketing, you'll learn how other companies are integrating agile with budgeting, long-term planning, metrics, and multi-team coordination. 

In addition to Brinker's speaking slot, you can also visit ion interactive at booth 122.

The event will be from April 7-9 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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