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Scott Brinker Presenting at The Next Web 2014 in Amsterdam

ion interactive's President and CTO, Scott Brinker, will be presenting "The Rise of the Marketing Technologist" at the The Next Web Europe on Thursday April 24, 2014 at 10:30am. 

Marketing has more software available to it today than any other business function in the history of computing. It’s gone from being one of the least tech-dependent departments in companies to being one of the most. This talk will address that transformation of marketing into a technology-powered discipline. It’s about more than just getting IT and marketing to work together. It’s about marketing natively harnessing code and data to deliver world-class customer experiences. We’ll also examine the tremendous opportunity this represents for marketing technology entrepreneurs — why there are so many of them and why are there’s still room for yet more. Welcome to the Golden Age of Marketing Software.


Click here for more details about the event.