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Scott Brinker to Present Two Sessions at Conversion Conference in London

On Wednesday 10/29 at 1:40pm, Scott Brinker will present his first session: Life Beyond the Landing Page.

The landing page has been the workhorse of conversation optimisation for years. But it's tired. The formulaic headline, hero shot, a few bullets, and a form with a call-to-action — anything better than "Submit" — have become cliché. To engage our audiences and convert them at the high rates our profession has made its claim to fame, we must find new ways to surprise and delight them. In this keynote presentation, we will look at life beyond the landing page and give you a new toolbox of fresh ideas to pioneer the future of conversion optimisation.

On Thursday 10/30 at 9:30am he will present: Agile Marketing, The Why and How.

Everyone's talking about how marketing needs to be more agile. But is that just a euphemism for "work faster?" It doesn't have to be. Agile marketing is actually a well-structured management methodology -- adapted from agile development practices in the software industry -- that helps marketers work in a more iterative and adaptive fashion, breaking out of traditional silos. This session will provide a whirlwind introduction to the why and how of agile marketing and discuss examples of who's been successful with it.

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