You Like Us. You Really Like Us—10 & 11 of the Best of 2017

In 1985, actress Sally Field stepped onto the stage at the Oscars to accept the award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Edna Spalding in Places of the Heart. With her Oscar in hand, Sally leaned on the podium and shouted into the crowd of her colleagues and friends, “You like me! You really like me!” Her award served as proof that her hard work had paid off and, understandably, she was so proud of her accomplishment.

Top Marketing Tool for 2017

Earlier this year, we received recognition from our peers are as well. While we didn’t get a podium or a gold statue to show off, we still felt pride in our accomplishments. We were listed as a top marketing tool for 2017 by Smart Selling Tools. We heard the news and immediately felt the need to stand up tall and declare, “YOU LIKE US! YOU REALLY LIKE US!”

The ion platform accomplishes a lot for marketers. You can collect data about your users as they honest interactions with your content, such as answering questions or interacting with content on an infographic. And since your data is collected via honest interactions with your audience, you can surface higher quality leads to your sales team.

When we sat down to discuss the highlights of 2017, we knew we had to list this achievement. For more information on number 10, read here.

Interactive Content Basics

Another highlight for us was revamping our Interactive Content Basics experience. I mentioned previously that education was so important to me this year, which required a “reintroduction” to interactive content. We launched a basics page where we discussed the simple details of interactive content and also spent time with our static piece.

When I am looking to update an existing piece of content, there are things I look for before I spend the resources and time updating it. Will the piece be valuable to our audience? What resources are needed to update it and what value will it present in the future?

The interactive content basics checked off so many boxes for us: it would be valuable for years to come, it was going to require some resources in order to update the copy and design but not enough that we didn’t have any to allocate, and we knew our audience would find value in it.

We started to work on the asset around the same time as our Back to Basics webinar and served as an additional asset for our audience members to download and continue learning about interactive content. You can review the asset here and the webinar here.