We Asked, They Answered: Content Marketing's Leading Question


It’s no new news. Content marketing is changing every day. And over the past three to five years, it’s changed a heck of a lot. But as for this past year, content marketing has gotten a whole new look. Think The Jackson 5 MJ as content marketing last year and Invincible MJ as content marketing this year—almost unrecognizably different but both versions so unbelievably necessary for the industry (RIP MJ. We love you).

So we couldn’t help but ask one question,

What is one thing you can do in content marketing today that you couldn’t do a year ago?

And people answered—analysts, reporters, marketers. And we loved their answers!!

So we thought we’d share some of them with you:

Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief of Direct Marketing News and brand storyteller really nailed it on the head,

More power is getting in the hands of business users to quickly create their own high-quality content.

We couldn’t agree more. Even five years ago, it would have taken an entire development/technology team to create something engaging for the audience. And forget interactive! That would’ve been more work than any single team could have handled. But now? Take one of our interactive marketing app guides for example. No coding skills needed. And it was created in less than a week by one team member. Interactive, engaging content creation in the hands of business users! That’s what we love to see. You’re totally right, Ginger.


Tequia Burt, Editor of FierceCMO, also made a great point,

Hyperlapse! Seriously, proving it is up there. B2B marketers focused on gauging content marketing performance.

And for the ROI of it all, measuring content marketing performance is becoming more detailed and more useful. No longer is it just “x number of visitors filled out the form to download the white paper.” Now, with interactive digital content, you as a brand can see what parts of the content your visitors interacted with the most, what parts they skim over or skipped completely, when they bounced, and if they grabbed the PDF version of your asset.

Last year, you had about as much insight as seeing who downloaded the PDF. Big whoop. Who knows if the visitor actually liked it after they downloaded it. Or even if they read it at all. But this year? Every single movement and click can be tagged. Every single interaction can have an impact. And every piece of content marketing can have a more improved ROI, making content marketing more useful for not only your online visitors, but for your brand’s strategy as well. We love your focus on the performance of content marketing, Tequia.


And our very own Scott Brinker, co-founder, president, and CTO of ion interactive and author of the well known Chief Marketing Technologist blog really brought it all together for us,

Today, content marketing is much more about user experience than it was a year ago. Content marketers have the opportunity and the capabilities to craft content into customer experience.

So looking back on last year, marketers sure had a tough time. Their audience was losing interest. Their online visitors had little to no attention span. And worse off, the brand wasn’t gaining much insight into what the visitors wanted out of their content to improve and gain their attention back.

Today, all has changed. Marketing has transformed into buyer education. Marketers are now able to create interactive, engaging, and useful journeys for their buyers, while continuously gaining insights to improve their content marketing strategy.

So what has this last year been like for you as a marketer? What is one thing you can do in content marketing today that you couldn’t do a year ago? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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