Using Marketing Apps in the Spirit of Giving

All this talk about marketing apps recently has made us a little curious. We’ve shown off some of our favorite uses of marketing apps recently and praised the ones that we thought were the most creative. But that made us think… what are some of our personal favorites that we’ve used in our own marketing? We have our online post-click assessment, the landing page score and even a pricing calculator. But which one really has stuck out the most?

Turns out, it was a simple voting app that we created for our customers. Back in the fall of 2013, a lightbulb went off. Our customers do so much for us - why couldn’t we give something back? So that’s just what we did. In honor of our awesome customers, and in the spirit of giving, we decided it would be a great opportunity for us to volunteer for a wonderful national charitable organization that has significant presence in the South Florida area.

Great! Idea in place! But how did we choose? There are so many helpful organizations out there, we couldn’t decide which organization our customers would want us to volunteer for.

Lightbulb #2. We decided to just ask them! After much deliberation, we narrowed the options down to three national charities:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Toys for Tots
  • Feeding America

Once we decided on the three choices, we let our customers vote!

Practicing what we preach, we put the options in our customer’s hands and let them decide who ion would be volunteering with during the season of giving. And they chose Feeding America.

We had a great time volunteering with them while sorting and packing foods for  local schools. Take a look at some of our photos of ionians at Feeding South Florida!



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