Using Interactive Content Marketing Based on Buyer's Journey

Anna Talerico, ion interactive's EVP and co-founder

Anna Talerico, ion interactive's EVP and co-founder

In the past few weeks, we've posted a matrix to assess how mature your content marketing program is (to help you determine if interactive content can help solve your challenges), a matrix to determine how potentially valuable an interactive content experience might be, and a matrix to help you determine the right level of effort to invest in it.

Now, let’s turn our attention to what types of content work well at various points in the buyer’s journey.


I think of early stage as “awareness” and “interest." Your visitor is new to your concept, your message, your company and your solution. It’s important to deliver content that is highly engaging, relevant and interesting, but also fairly lightweight. No lengthy white papers, no multi-step assessments. In this stage, give snackable content to get them engaged. And, if possible, capture some basic contact information so you can continue to nurture them with other great content.

In the mid stage of the journey, we are supporting the ongoing relationship with the buyer, transforming general concepts into concrete ones and providing an increased level of specificity in content, especially as it serves to educate and accelerate the buyer’s interest in your solution, product and/or service.

And finally, in the late stage of the journey, the emphasis should be on supporting the buyer’s self education and helping to create a ready buyer. In addition, you should seek to surface rich content insights to sales.

There are no hard and fast rules to mapping content experiences to the buyer’s journey, so the chart above is only intended to provide guidance as you create your plan. Let us know how we can help!

And, if you are interested in reading more about what type of interactive content experiences can help make an impact on accelerating and supporting your buyer’s journey, check out our interactive white paper, Interactive Content Across the Buyer’s Journey.