Unique Ideas for Your Interactive Content Marketing

In the world of Interactive Content, there is one thing that can always be counted on — change. The processes, techniques, and strategies that are used to build interactive experiences are constantly evolving. And even though this landscape continues to change, the main goals are still present for most interactive content pieces — create a better experience for the end user while gathering meaningful data along the way.

There are many elements that can be leveraged to tell your story using interactive content.

You may have used Interactive White Papers and eBook to tell your story, but here are some fresh, new suggestions that can help you engage your Target Audience:


Interactive Tour

By leveraging an interactive tour you can stop telling your audience how great your product or service is and just show them instead! An interactive tour has the power to evoke emotion by providing a personalized and memorable experience. Visitors are able to navigate through your product features and services in a visual way.

Fun Fact: When humans read information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

Grange Insurance does a good job of this with their Interactive Home. It is a simple, intuitive way for users to get relevant insurance coverage tips without needing to read through a ton of content or speak with an agent.


Interactive Reports and Survey results

Most marketers can relate to having a super data-rich report or results sheet that is full of interesting tidbits that they are just dying to get in front of their customers and prospects. But in today's fast-paced world their target audience is likely not willing to sift through a 30-page data findings report to uncover its hidden gems.

The answer to the problem? An Interactive Report! This fresh spin on interactive content helps showcase key data points in an engaging way. Additionally, the content found within the report can be paired with survey questions that allow users to see how they stack up against the actual survey results.

When Concur Travel released a full risk management report, it was full of valuable data but was quite lengthy. In order to make it more digestible, they created a key findings summary of the full report and incorporated some of the survey questions from the report as points of interactivity. This helps to encourage user engagement while at the same time gathering additional survey data for Concur.

Another spin on the interactive reports came from Dell. They have compiled some of their most impressive stats from the year and showcased them in an interactive annual report. Stakeholders can explore the top 52 company stats from 2015 in a manner that encourages fun, exploration and social sharing.


Games and Puzzles

Including a game or puzzle within your interactive content is a great way to take the user experience to the next level. These experiences are light-hearted and can help expose your brand in a unique and positive way.

Southwest takes gamification to heart in their "Transfarency" experience. Their Fee or Fake game helps to showcase some of the pitfalls and outrageous fees of some of their competitors which leaves users with a positive impression of Southwest upon completion of the game. They also paired each question with a correlating video clip to help give this game a unique personality.

If that wasn’t enough, Southwest did not stop there! This experience also contains a Mad Lib-style pledge which adds another level of gamification to the experience and encourages social sharing.

Another benefit of gamification is that it offers the opportunity to foster competition and comparison within your audience. The European Knight's game has users play through a series of match-ups to select which players reign supreme. Upon completion of the game, users can compare how their votes stack up against all votes.


Interactive Timelines

Since the days of your old high school history book, timelines have offered up a simple and visual way to take users on a multi-step journey. With the emergence of interactive timelines, marketers can now enhance this journey through interactivity points such as quizzes, video, gamification and social share emphasis.

The 'Women's Footprint in History' timeline walks users through a rich history in a way that puts them in the driver seat. They can navigate to the years that are of most interest to them using the side navigation and have the opportunity to view relevant videos and share socially along the way.


In a Nutshell

Interactive content can be so much more than just an eBook or interactive version of your white paper. There is fantastic opportunity to take static content that you have currently and turn it into a great user experience that will resonate with your audience in a unique and meaningful way. So, get creative and break the mold as you concept your next piece of content.