This is How We Do it: The Creation of an Interactive Quiz

Some of you might have had the chance to take our Deflate-gate quiz and learn a bit about being an AFC Championship winner (or maybe now I should change it to say Super Bowl winner). If you haven’t, be sure to check it out now—if anything, we hope it makes you laugh (Sorry ahead of time, Pats fans).

As you saw, deflate-gate is a simple quiz created solely for fun. However, a quiz like this one can be created just as easily to support your product, service, or messaging. Deflate-gate was created—using an ion Quick Start interactive content experience—by a modern marketer with little coding knowledge…

Well guess what? Hi. I’m the modern marketer. Nice to meet you!

So I thought I’d take you a little further into the creation of the quiz. If I could build something that engaging that easily (and seriously you guys, I have VERY little coding knowledge. This was something I would’ve hung on my own fridge if I could), I’m sure others would want to see how I did it. For one reason, to really see how long it actually took to create. And for another reason, to really believe it could be just that easy to produce interactive content in the ion platform.

Here at ion, we always want to practice what we preach, and that’s providing content that’s useful, helpful, and transparent. Or, in this case, just plain silly fun.

So check out the six-minute hyperlapse video below. The experience took me a little over half an hour to build with some minor tweaks to make it just right. But as we channel Montell Jordan…

This is how we do it.