The Static Web Page is so 2013

2013: The year of wedge sneakers and harem pants. Dear. God. No. What were any of you ladies thinking wearing these?! Don’t even get me started on the asymmetrical high-low dresses and skirts. Talk about the mullet of 2013 fashion—party-in-the-front, business-in-the-back.

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Over the years, we’ve all looked back and said the same thing—what in the world were we thinking?! Styles change. Trends surface. Fashion evolves. But remembering what used to be cool is the fun of it. It’s what makes us laugh and reminds us of our lifestyle at that time. We live and we learn and we change for the better… usually.

Just like the web page.

Remember when flash graphics and animations were still a thing?! Or that home page rotating banner that never translated well to mobile and was really just distracting? Or pages with just stock images and no useful content? I’m not even going to elaborate on the never-ending form.

The horror. I’m embarrassed for you, 2013 webpage.

I wish I could say all of this was just a memory fading into the back, back, wayyy back part of my mind. It’s not.

Take a look around the web. Check out the Wayback Machine and see how some of your favorite webpages have changed over time. The biggest names are creating these incredible, interactive, app-like experiences. And there’s still people out there using a form that takes 20 minutes to fill out. Mind. Blown.

The static web page is so 2013.

Browse the web’s “fashion advice.” Look out for interactive content. See how you can change your lead form from long and exhausting to fun and engaging. Take that rotating banner that you used to try to get all your information out there and create a conversion path that gives the visitor the information they really want.

Don’t let your visitors see you in last year’s fashion trends. Give your digital experience a makeover and be a trendsetter for 2015.


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