The Interactive Landing Pages That Scored Big in the Commercial Maritime Industry

Landing pages are one of the most important and impactful moments your online visitor can have with your brand throughout their journey. They're often your very first impression with a visitor. It’s your first handshake through the screen… your first exchange of introductions.

Yet somehow, when we take a look at the traditional landing page, you can compare most of them to the dry, boring guy you just met at the party that you almost instantly experienced an awkward silence with. The one you try to enjoy conversation with but end up turning away before you get through the first topic.

With online visitors now, the small amount of copy barely convinces them to fill out the form. They are afraid to be tricked, and can quickly move on. And this is what KVH Industries understood. They knew they needed to take their landing pages to the next level in order to increase retention.

KVH Industries is a leader in providing satellite solutions of high-speed internet, television and voice to customers on the go both on land and at sea.

Because their target audience is on the go, they knew they needed experiences that not only looked great but were impactful on any mobile device.

Through the use of ion’s Quick Starts, KVH and their in-house marketing team created quizzes, configurators, and assessments to incorporate into each of their landing pages. And the results were tremendous, not just for KVH and their marketing team, but with feedback from the customers as well.

Want to read more about what insights and data KVH gained with the use of interactive elements in their landing pages? Want to see the future of next-generation landing pages? Check out the full case study and landing page examples here.

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