Semi-Homemade Interactive Experiences

I am a longtime fan of the cooking show ‘Semi-Homemade Cooking.’ The premise of this show is basically customizing pre-made mixes or foods to be something that’s kind of homemade, but also kind of not. The idea of taking something that already exists and making it better and putting your own twist on it is really undervalued. I’ve applied this theory in my life in many areas, from customizing clothing to my home decor. I surely cannot build a couch by hand, but I’ll be damned if my IKEA couch doesn’t have some custom painted legs to match my brightly colored living room.

I have a similar relationship with ion interactive Quick Starts, and I want to share how you can make your own semi-custom experiences by taking elements from different Quick Starts and mixing them. Here are some of my favorite ‘recipes’ for creating something entirely new.

Slide In Form Left + Report Card:  Explore what you can do!

Slide In Form Left + Report Card: Explore what you can do!

One of my favorite combos is to implement a great interactive element into a long page. Allowing the user to explore some additional information about your product or service while gating the assessment is a combination meant for success. By providing more information up front, you are engaging the user with your brand and building the trust they need to trust your assessment results.

Want to make it even more your own? Try the following additions:

  • Call-to-action buttons that scroll you up to the assessment section in the lower areas.
  • Add in a more robust form after the user gets the results.
Survey + Tweet This:  Explore this combo!

Survey + Tweet This: Explore this combo!

Tweet This! is a natural mix-in of a Quick Start - it’s practically made to be utilized within other Quick Starts. Implementing a Twitter element into your experience is a great way to encourage social sharing as well as engage with your users in a different way. Try having the last step be to enter social information or share the page for a chance to enter a prize.

Some other additions to consider:

  • On the completion page, have an option to share via other social networks for additional entries.
  • Try separating the quiz and the ‘Tweet This!’ element into two different sections.
Create Your Own Story eBook + Modern Reveal Segmentation:  See it in action!

Create Your Own Story eBook + Modern Reveal Segmentation: See it in action!

Get inspired by the layouts of Quick Starts and use them for something else entirely. Many of our eBooks and White Papers have great title page templates (some even have a few different options) and these title pages can be utilized for a variety of other types of pages. Here, I have taken one of the alternates of the ‘Create Your Own Story eBook’ and utilized the content of the Modern Reveal Segmentation. What results is a completely different looking page that is more imagery focused but still achieves the same basic idea.

Some other great combos to think about:

  • Most of our title pages can be utilized for segmentation paths like this. Try taking a look through the Interactive White Paper or the eBook with Table of Contents to get an idea of how to layout more than 3 tiles in an innovative way.
  • These segmentations do not have to hand off - consider using an interior page from one of these eBooks or White Papers as a template for your segmentation path interior page.
BMI Calculator with Image Rotator + Easy Product Tour:  See this mix-up!

BMI Calculator with Image Rotator + Easy Product Tour: See this mix-up!

The BMI Calculator with Image Rotator is a long time favorite of mine for the catchy header with it’s small form. But this Quick Start is easy to overlook because the name might not really apply to you - if you are selling a service, why in the world would you need to create a BMI Calculator? While you may never need to present your customers with a BMI Calculator, stepping into a Quick Start that has a good template to play off of is never a bad idea. Here, I pasted in the main element from an easy Quick Start - the Easy Product Tour - and created a product tour unlike any other Quick Start in the matter of minutes.

Some other great combos with the BMI Calculator with Image Rotator might be:

  • Slide In Form Left or Slide In Form Right
  • Long Page with Form Bottom
  • Title pages for your eBooks or White Papers
Branded Infographic + Long Page with Slide In CTA:  Visit this combination experience!

Branded Infographic + Long Page with Slide In CTA: Visit this combination experience!

Infographics can be daunting! But one great idea that we try and implement in our own strategies at ion is to include an infographic section on your page. In this example, the statistic section from the Branded Infographic has been brought into the Long Page with Slide In CTA to encourage interaction and educate the user on the brand. Adding in these kind of sections can garner interest in your product and page and reduce bounce rate.

Looking to integrate a small infographic in your page? Pull together some stats and look at the following Quick Starts for inspiration:

  • Take a quiz section and a statistic section from the Infographic with Quizzes.
  • Are you telling a chronological story? Take the timeline from the Interactive Greeting Card and implement it into your page.

Hopefully this has helped open your eyes to the wide world of possibilities with our Quick Starts. We encourage you to look through our Template Gallery to see the over 100 templates we have to offer you.