What is Sales' Opinion of Personalization & Interactive Content?

At our January Trends & Prediction webinar, our panelists and moderator covered three terrific topics. And we heard you! Rather than leave you with just a recording and slides, we’ve also transcribed the key points covered by our panelists to help you absorb the full context of the discussion.

The most requested topic post-webinar was “Personalization Impact on Prospect & Customer Engagement Strategies”. In this session, we featured three power-houses in Marketing, Sales and Customer Engagement. This blog post covers a Sales view with Asa Hochhauser, Director of Sales, his 2017 trends and 2018 predictions for personalization and interactive content.

2017 Sales Trends in Personalization

With the growing number of channels that sales used in 2017 to engage prospects and customers - one thing remains - people want to know how you can help them.

And with prospect and customer information more readily available, I saw and used personalization efforts to intelligently information conversations while still fueling sales efforts. In my opinion, implementing personalization is low effort but high impact to our account based marketing approach but crucial to our success.

60% note they struggle to personalize content in real-time, yet 77% believe real-time personalization is crucial.
Adobe Campaign | Real-Time Marketing Insights Study

I heard a lot of horror stories on personalization fails in sales in 2017 but I also saw some nice progression from some who do it well also. We need to have both personalization automation coupled with self-gathered insights but sales also needs to be smarter about how and when use it. If personalization is done well, we’ll not only enhance prospects and customers experience, we’ll increase sales.

Now we move on to predictions. 

My prediction for 2018 is that sales teams will become better at truly qualifying their conversations between relevant, meaningful, and compelling opportunities because they’ll be informed by the data-driven campaigns.

Prediction: To succeed, Sales and prospect engagement will require the combined use of interactive content and automation solutions to create a true personalization strategy that supports each stage of the funnel.

This is a win-win partnership. Interactive content positions marketing and sales teams to collaboratively create individualized experiences and personalized messaging for highly segmented audiences. Couple personalized messaging with marketing automation solutions, and you’ll see a much-needed boost to sales productivity.

Because now, sales will have a better idea of what the buyers are looking for, a deeper understanding of their needs, which will provide a better prospect experience and increase customer value.

That wraps up our Sales view of “Personalization Impact on Prospect & Customer Engagement Strategies”. Stay tuned for Customer Engagement or catch up with Marketing.

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