Round Up: The Candy-Coated Apple of Content Marketing


The candy-coated apple. As a child, there is nothing that could’ve been better after a long school day. Just the pure sight of the glossy red outside shining on that bakery shelf was enough to salivate over. But then you cut into it for the first time. And although you know the apple is good for you, and you know the apple isn’t completely void of flavor, it’s appearance and taste does nothing to compare with the outer candy-coated shell. That glossiness is gone. That sticky sweet flavor is gone. And while it may be refreshing, it was always somewhat of a let down as a kid.

It’s a lot like your content marketing. You promise this knowledge-filled piece with best practices and engagement. And then your visitor gets past the form or call-to-action filled with excitement… to be totally underwhelmed.

Just like the apple.

Now is your content tasteless? No. Is your content lacking useful knowledge? Hopefully not. But did it meet the expectations of the visitor when they bit into that glossy, sweet looking form or call-to-action? Most definitely not.

So how can you be sure that your content is bite-sized, easily digestible, with tons of flavor and quite filling?

We found three of our favorite articles on the topic so let’s take a look at the best takeaways.

Tony Zambito summarized the steps to breaking the marketing content habit in his article, Is Your Team Executing Content Marketing or Pitching Content?

  • Gain real insights into what matters.

  • Research the right things that matter.

  • Stop treating buyer personas as a checklist item.

  • Identify the right topics and content that matter.

  • Center your team on the holistic brand experience.

Once you go through these steps and have answers to what your audience wants, it’s time to develop a strategy. In Kevin Cain’s article, MSPs: Here’s how to develop an effective content strategy, he says:

Remember, how you market your content is just as, if not more, important than the content itself, so you will want to ensure that you get this right […] Organize the information that you gather about each into a single matrix or framework and examine how they work together. If they are all carefully thought through and aligned with each other, you will be well on your way to developing a successful content strategy.

Now you have a content strategy and you’ve got the steps. But how are you truly going to make it appeal to your audience, and more importantly to your growing Millennial audience? Make it bite-sized. Make it easily digestible with tons of surprising flavor.

So what does Brian Anderson have to say about it in his article, Marketers Turn Bite Sized, Social Content To Appeal To Millennials?

But making content easy to digest and share is only the first step. To engage Millennial buyers, marketers must adopt a more empathetic and relatable tone. If messaging is too complicated or stern, these buyers may be turned off from engaging with sales reps. Since the Millennial buyer desires a personal connection before moving further along the buying cycle, content has to be empathetic.

Is your content that candy-coated apple? Mouth-watering look but less than exciting flavor on the inside? While the candy-coated apple is a classic just as static content marketing is, it’s not enough to appeal to the growing audience. It must engage them, it must entice them to bite in. Interactive and engaging content is like the deep fried Oreo: it’s new, exciting, a little different, but once you take a bite, there’s no turning back!

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