Rock the (Movember) Vote with Interactive Content Marketing


Once upon a time, there were two women who worked in the marketing department of a super rad software company (spoiler alert—it’s ion interactive).  When Movember rolled around, there was a lot to discuss.  We’d participated before, but wanted to do something different. Shake things up a bit.

Movember is a great cause, it deserves lots of buzz, and why not add a little fun to the mix? Right?

Plus….since said company is in the business of building nifty little nuggets of interactive content called Marketing Apps, why not drink our own KoolAid?

So we did.

Yep! Two women who spend most of the day writing and creating content set out to build a Movember marketing app in the ion platform.  Not developers, not coders...straight up marketers.

You might remember our previous blog post about kicking off this project. Well, it’s time to see how the story ends!

After tons of social sharing, lots of voting from all of you, and countless hoorays from people who saw first hand you can build something marvelous and interactive WITHOUT a stitch of code...we have our winners!

Congratulations to our Mo Brother, Matthew Bouchard, ion’s Art Director who pulled in 38% of the vote.


Another congrats to a close second, Kevin Ojea on our sales team, who pulled in 17% of the vote!


And our Mo Sista, Maryl Burns, who scored 26% of the vote, Q/A Manager for Creative Services.


But most importantly, THANKS, to all of YOU who took the time to poke around our Movember Marketing App and voted for those gorgeous staches!

Anything that starts with the obligatory “Once upon a time” needs a moral, right? The moral of this story is that you don’t have to be privy to the skillset that comes along with being a developer to build awesome things in the ion’s marketing apps platform.  

If you’re feeling inspired, we’d love to hear from you, even give you a demo, or see some of the fantastic stuff you have already built in ion.

Thanks for a great Movember!