Ride the Wave of Interactive Content Marketing

Content marketing has been on quite the ride lately. Riding three waves to be exact.


If you haven’t checked out Scott Brinker and Jerry Rackley’s “The 4th Wave of Content Marketing” presentation yet, you definitely should. Because that fourth wave is coming right for you.

What do I mean, you ask? Well let me explain the idea behind this fourth wave. Content marketing was basic at one point. We started with web pages at the foundation of digital content marketing. Not a tremendous amount of competition at first. Basically, if you had a webpage, and you had content, you were already first in the line up for the next wave. But then everyone started to have web pages. Awesome web pages in fact. Web pages that started to blow yours out of the water. It wasn’t enough anymore. That first wave flattened out and even though you might have gotten quite the ride out of it, you were back to paddling to catch the next one.

The second wave started to build. This time it was rich content. Videos, infographics, responsive web design. All these were a  part of it. Forget simple blogs. You moved onto fun, engaging videos and infographics that made numbers and graphs actually fun to read over. It was a bigger wave and you stood up on that board and rode it all the way in, breeze in your hair and salt on your skin. Those first few videos and infographics, the first time you saw your responsive site, felt like a trip to Pipeline riding the best wave of your life. But it wasn’t the best. And it wasn’t the biggest. There were bigger, stronger sets behind this wave.

Onto the third wave: personalization. You had the web page. It was responsive and beautiful and clean. Visitors no longer had to read static content they weren’t interested in. There was dynamically substituted content based on the visitor’s profile. How much better could it get? Not only were you impressing them with your rich content and web page, but you were impressing them with the exact information they were looking for.

But then the surf died out. And this is where you might be as we speak—sitting on your board, paddling around hoping for the next set. Little did you know that the biggest wave you could ever ride is right on the other side of the horizon and beginning to build.

The 4th wave of content marketing: interactive marketing apps.


Take a minute. I want you to think like Anne Marie in Blue Crush. Haven’t seen it? Ok let me fill you in on the power woman surf flick. Anne Marie has the life: living in a beach shack with a few of her friends, surfing every morning, and waking up to paradise daily. But that isn’t enough for her. She wants to conquer one of the biggest surf competitions in the world, the Pipe Masters, and won’t stop until she does.

Filled in now? Great. Ok so back to thinking like Anne Marie. But that perfect scoring wave at pipe is your content marketing. It’s there. It’s perfect and clean and ready to barrel. But the only way it can make a difference is if you utilize it the right way. You could let it pass and let someone else take it. Or you could charge it and get that perfect scoring ride to win the Pipe Masters.

Now’s your chance. Are you ready to charge? Start paddling and ride the fourth wave of content marketing: interactive marketing apps.

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