Quick Start of the Week: Interactive Video Message Board

I know it’s been a week already but do the holidays really have to be over? All the holiday decorations are gone from offices and homes. The smell of fresh baked goods is no longer found everywhere you go. And my desk is filllllled with holiday cards.

Oh you know those cards. The same ones every year. Happy Holidays from our family to yours. May your season be bright. Warm wishes for the New Year.

Blah blah blah bah humbug.

Alright I’m totally not a grinch. I love the holidays! But holiday cards have just become boring, especially from businesses. It’s the same stamped message with little personality and practically no love that arrives at your door in an envelope with a “Warm wishes for the new year!” scrawled on the front. I mean at this point, you’re lucky if anything other than the envelope address even has your first name on it.

Personalization, people. When did so many things begin to lose that human-to-human touch?

So we’re bringing it back in 2015 — coming off the boom of interactivity and engagement that was 2014.

Introducing the first Quick Start of the Week for 2015: the Interactive Video Message Board.

You might be thinking, “But what does a video message board have to do with holiday cards?” Well, check it out. Not only do we create these Quick Starts, but we even use them ourselves, like this one for our very own interactive and visual holiday card.


We eat our own dog food (or reindeer food if you’re still in the holiday spirit) here, folks. Turning a simple card (that’s good for any time of the year!) into something that our audience can interact with, watch, and get to know each of our teams just a little better.

So check out the interactive video message board Quick Start and see how you can transform it into your very own interactive content brand experience.

So whether your ion’s #1 fan or just simply here to check out what we have to offer, there’s a Quick Start for every occasion and always more to come. Interested in seeing how some of the other Quick Starts have been used? Curious to see what other Quick Starts are offered? Check out our examples here!