Quick Start of the Week: Evaluate your Form(s)

In the spirit of last week’s Halloween, we’re going to take this chance to scare you a bit. Ready?

This Quick Start of the Week is all about forms and evaluating yourself!

Terrified of forms boredom? We bet you are. And that’s why we’re doing something totally different (because since when does ion ever do anything to follow the pack?!).

Let’s talk about forms in a whole new light—through the lens of an interactive marketing app…


Let’s take a look at the assessment example in our Quick Start Cloud. If you’re thinking of an assessment as helpful, useful and necessary for users to see how they stack up, this assessment is all that. And more. It’s not your typical, boring, “let us tell you how much you need to improve but give you no advice” type of assessment. This assessment will make your visitors want to assess and reassess and re-reassess themselves!

This Quick Start is a great way to increase brand engagement by providing visitors with recommendations based on their answers. And, when assessments are ungated, they are more shareable and create long-term brand affinity.

We used time management as our topic for this example, but you could assess just about anything using this Quick Start, so let’s have a look…

Each question in the assessment is actually a form!

Wait... What?! 

Yes. Each set of choices works just like a drop-down menu. It’s called a ‘choice group’ and it can look, feel and behave like just about anything. But, it’s a form. Questions and answers are written into the database and recommendations are formulated based on a user’s answers. Now that’s a whole new way to experience “forms”!

While there may not be a conventional conversion point within this experience, visitors engage with each step, allowing you to build a user profile based on the responses given. This profile translates into recommendations for the user and high-value sales enablement and marketing segmentation data for you!


...which leads us back to forms. No, no, no. Not those horrible, time-sucking, painful-to-fill-out forms you’re thinking of. We said we’d be doing something totally different, so here it goes.

This is about modern, flexible ways of getting people to interact—enabling an incredibly valuable digital dialog. The beauty of the dialog is that it’s valuable to the user, the marketing team and the sales team. Not many things deliver on that promise!

Learning more about your visitors than ever before, these ‘forms’ lead to more information and more interaction. They provide insight into what the visitor is looking for and what challenges they are hoping to solve. This data turns into segmentation for marketing and qualification for sales.

So forget the boring old use of standard forms and less-than-engaging assessments. Don’t terrify your visitors with boring static pages. Want to see it in action? Take a look at the assessment Quick Start, as well as the growing number of others in ion’s Quick Start Cloud, and see how you can interact with and become a resource for your online visitors in ways you never could have imagined!