Quick Start of the Week: Calculate with ion

Have you ever gone shopping or just looking around a site and seen that the company brags about all you can save by purchasing from them? Incredible, you think. But wait, how much are they really talking here? Am I going to call them and then get pulled in to this hour-long call about their company only to learn that the savings are a measly 5%? Nobody has time for that.

Transparency, people! We all want it, from every company online. Whether you’re looking for an estimate, maybe ROI, maybe even your BMI (god knows it’s the dreaded number we don’t want to find out but should), your online experience with the company should be seamlessly transparent.

And that’s what your audience is expecting, too.

So as our second installment of our Quick Start of the Week series, we introduce to you:

Incredible, useful, innovative, engaging… Calculators!

This week we wanted to highlight two types of calculator quick starts: BMI and Savings Calculators. But, you aren’t just limited to one single version of each of these. You can actually embed simplified versions into any site. And there are more innovative versions of both to show off a bit more. Let’s start calculating with ion!

BMI Calculator

The BMI Calculator lets visitors better understand their body fat by giving them instant feedback. All they have to do is enter their height, weight, and gender and the calculator does the rest.

Already have a pre-built site but want to incorporate the BMI calculator? Not a problem! There’s a simplified embedded version as well.


Or maybe you would prefer to highlight your organization further and create a service-focused experience for your visitor? The more advanced version of the BMI Calculator allows for just that. With the BMI calculator built into the welcome page, the visitor is taken through an experience providing educational data and additional information supporting their calculations.


Savings Calculator

The Savings Calculator enables the visitor to instantly calculate a savings value based on the number of units ordered. You set the pricing and quantity breaks for your product and the calculator does the rest. This calculator Quick Start is a useful and visual way to illustrate value, encourage higher quantity purchasing, and provide transparency for your online visitors.

Like the BMI Calculator Quick Start, this Savings Calculator also has a simplified embed version to add within an existing site.


And a more advanced version of the Savings Calculator provides deeper information about your products, giving online visitors more insight into your brand. On both the welcome page and the savings page, visitors can read more about the organization as a whole, the products you’re ordering, and additional savings that may be available to them.


Inspired to provide transparency and education to your visitors from the very start? Take a look at the BMI Calculator and Savings Calculator for yourself and experience the app-like interactivity you can bring to your online digital campaigns. It’s time to calculate what you need in order to meet your visitors’ expectations!